Dear Chipotle


Dear Chipotle

You are not what they portrayed

I was hungry, I was starving,

You are not what they portrayed you to be

I will never forget that day.

Your food was not worth my 7.49 and I will never be back again.


8 thoughts on “Dear Chipotle

    1. Years of people saying their food was good, and I finally did last week and it was the worst food. Was very disappointed and don’t understand the hype around their food

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      1. I’ve never been to Chipotle. I thank you for saving me from a wasted trip. I was disappointed with a recent trip to Ruby Tuesday. I ordered the jumbo skewered shrimp. I’ve cooked shrimp many times, and that shrimp was definitely medium sized, not jumbo. It never occurred to me to take a pic. Wish I had. But their little biscuits were very tasty. I’ve been searching for a copycat recipe.


    1. Yeah I have heard they were good. As my short poem implies I was really disappointed lol, but that doesn’t mean I wont go there again. Have you tried a place called Moes?. I love it there, and its similar to Chipotle.

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