Welcome To My FATASSFOODBLOG.. All the pictures taken are taken by me. As you can see I love food. I try to eat healthy but sometimes it gets extremely difficult. Oh Well :) Enjoy

Sausage Egg And Cheese

Chicken Parm


Brussels Sprouts and Beef

Ice Cream With Rainbow Sprinkles

Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Shrimp and Other

Choch Covered Pretzel

IMG_20150727_223218 IMG_20150728_104604 IMG_20150731_140035

Brownie with Topping


IMG_20150727_131820 IMG_20150727_123409 IMG_20150726_140906 IMG_20150725_232013 IMG_20150722_125354 IMG_20150723_145019 IMG_20150724_123239 IMG_20150724_222822 IMG_20150725_115019 IMG_20150721_142423 IMG_20150721_124336 IMG_20150720_201344 IMG_20150719_121450 IMG_20150714_124721 IMG_20150701_075153 IMG_20150606_133558 IMG_20150529_233516 IMG_20150515_132146 IMG_0039 IMG_20150428_232020 IMG_20150430_163132 IMG_20150501_140812 IMG_20150508_200828 1436654456337 20150726_202028 20150713_214446 20150508_122312 20150429_163824 2015-07-24 09.52.12 2015-07-24 09.52.33 2015-07-24 09.53.04 2015-07-24 09.57.07 20150428_183807 2015-07-24 09.51.00 2015-07-24 09.50.21 2015-07-24 09.49.46 2015-07-24 09.49.07 2015-07-24 09.48.25


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